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About Mick Rose


This blog began because I am a vegan and tattooed person. By first impression, I may seem tattoo obsessed. I assure you, as much as I will talk about tattoos I could talk as much about many other topics. I am primarily an artist; an illustrator to be specific. I began drawing with pencil and paper and as comfortable as I am with that, I have recently picked up digital drawing and love it. My current works are a mojority digital. I also paint with acrylics and watercolours as well as dabble with silk screening.

I also love making YouTube videos, looking for the best coffee around, spoiling my cat with my attention, and tending to my indoor garden. I love to play music. I sing, play bass guitar, and mess around with the guitar and ukulele. I love collecting vinyl records; I also collect taxidermy insects. More fun facts about me: I love Pokemon and practice reading tarot!

To get more personal, I currently live in the downtown of the closest major city to where I grew up with my partner. My partner and I have known each other since the beginning of high school and he is my high school sweetheart. My current close friends in my life are from my childhood. Adult friends I've made haven't stuck around. I recently left my college program to pursue creating content; it is my true love in life.

I have shared a lot about myself and it feels great! I would love to know more about my readers. Let me know some fun or cool things about you in the comments~